The Tabernacle

Click here to see the performance! Elements of Basic Building blocks to break down how this foundation of solid morals makes my word at the very least more valuable than just tinfoil and cellophane wrapping. We know my materials that compose my mineral baths, but did you notice my courtyard and its marble columns? Those […]

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Taurus Moonshine

Click here to watch the first read ‡ªº∧∈ΛΝΚ So did I follow along or did we work together? Did my writing of the story coincide with the current events on purpose or by chance? Was this whole thing pre-meditated if it was oddly coincidental? Can I have my cake and eat it too, or is […]

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On the Fly

Only forewarning the incubators; this may just generate a medicinal life force, as such the rest of my mind might just stitch the culture back together when I busted out of the confines of the refinery. Mudslides, chipped the shelf, Higher education dropout, books decking floors, and paving the way for now, and reducing wasteful […]

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Stepping Stones

I find my foundation to be a spiral staircase. Each step is supported by the framework of the wall inside the carpentry that built up my confidence in how well I can write. I can imagine each step as it is virtually ascending. I recall a dream in which I had an apartment complex, aloft […]

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Feeding Fish Food

Alliteration is literally one of the best ways to find a substitute for pop culture codes. I read a poem one time from inside my own mind and collective consciousness was found to be giving the rights of our paraphrasing of the word to some intuitive source. My thought process is streamlined and I’ve found […]

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Colour Wheel

One day I could see myself from another state of mind, and another manner to say whatever is only necessary, I don’t feel like I’m not done with this get-up and go mentality, I mean I’ve had the opportunity to ask myself in a thousand different faces and a boatload more doorways whose thresholds are […]

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Out of Order, All or Nothing

I finally found the reason for my subliminal fear, and it started a long time ago when I began to lose a grip on reality. In one sense, my greatest fear is insanity itself. And so the exodus or pilgrimage that I took was to ensure my spirit and my mind wouldn’t ever be truly […]

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