Algorithms by the beat

Algorithms By the Beat;
A Monologue of Existentialist Observation
By Patrick Michael

I get nervous when I consider the amount of time we have left and the pages I have yet to write, the ideas I haven’t expressed and the philosophies I have yet to reveal to myself.

The work I have to do keeps piling up while time is running out-accelerating exponentially!

I feel the need to get these words and these thoughts into the minds of my peers,

my elders, my readers

The listeners, they already know
The ones who have heard what I have to say… They are my greatest achievement

Again I am humbled by my own words while my Ego takes over and I thirst for a drink worth more than gold.

Maybe I don’t need to reach the masses alone I must truly dissolve into the one soul.

One love will transmit the message those who calm their minds will have already encountered the same ideas;
Periodically, yet simultaneously

I just hope we all listen at the right time cause I don’t know if this lesson will transcend the truth of those ignorant enough to believe lies.

The machine behind the curtain is defined by algorithms caught up in the mechanism of order and deceit.

What is really terrifying is that the same machine was designed by a consciousness who thought they’d best its creator.

The only way it succeeded was by conceiving a cog with no spokes to be turned without the elementary thought that it was ever going to be self sustaining.

It’s not.

The batteries will run dry; we’ll all still be here floating around in purgatory, defined by white lies.

Our walls of reality will melt before our faces and we’ll lose the perception required to differentiate the illusion from the inspired.

It will all just be one again.

WE will all be one soul again.

And this one soul will realize it was alone…

Once more I seek a companion,

this time using fractal geometry

which initiates perpetual power

to keep the algorithm machine

in a state of sustainability.

Finally, for the sake of eternity

we can believe the lie

long enough to create



will be free to perceive

what kind of motive it took for

god to bequeath

free will in the form of consciousness.

It’s this thought that we might be both separate and unified

that’s keeps me up at night.

But really I’m just lonely all at once and terrified just to BE.

Honestly, it’s this idea that God was just like me that eases my existential anxiety.