Gifted Bullhorn

Gifted Bullhorn; Pan-Flutes that handle the Serpent
By Patrick Michael

I remember the day I lost faith in humanity.

It was the very same day I realized the cost of Insanity.

I gave in to my desires and clutched the hand of infinity and saw my impact on reality when my mind disconnected from universal consciousness.

Like trading my Halo for the horns that held it up, all the while hoping I would gain wings like Hermes, turns out I’m just a bull that never learned how to fly, not even in my infrequent lucid dreams, yet I still try every goddamn night.

And yet,

by the graces of God’s green earth,

mother Gaia grants me permission to sow seeds of doubt in her soil,

I fertilize these thoughts with the only bullshit I can come up with,

ploughing through the fields hoping that something yields

from all this hard work

that only a

few lost souls

happen to notice.

I find that solace is photosynthesized through the seeds of life that I’ve planted

in which grow into trees of fruition.

But I can’t tell if these tomatoes are potatos and if these are indeed fruits or vegetables

but if there aren’t any seeds, then I break the cycle beyond religion or science.

I hope to find myself in the land of the… this here…I see this field in which I have grown my fucks that I don’t give….

It is barren….

As it was

fertilized with pure metaphysical bullshit.

Still, it was only when I realized that my light is eternal, my mind is less than or equal to not just humanity, but all things that create consciousness.

So ya, I guess I lost faith in humanity, but only because I have discovered

the Singularity.

The universe is
But only because we are demigods creating it together

In one single moment.
The Present
The now
The here
The gift?