This is now.

This is Now.
By: Patrick Michael

I was once told that we all have a purpose in life.
I have always believed that my function is not to simply…just…exist.

I am not here to just find my way.

I am not here to convince you of anything but that we are indeed here.

Here is the place that I find to be the most… exquisite.

It is now, it is me, it is us, it is the moment that we find out that we exist simply to love one another.

We exist to show ourselves what it means to be worthy of love.

You are worthy, I am worthy of being happy, the entire time we exist together.

Enough with the excuses, the shame, the emotions that are inevitable.

We all make mistakes.

We all make peace when we forgive ourselves.

When we see each other for the priceless souls that inhabit our bodies.

Imagine the look on your face when you finally realize that you are worth more than this moment.


just to keep some tunes going.