Inside voices

Inside Voices(don't get too loud)  
Sitting while I smoke

These poison cigs that I traded 

for a dramatic ironic joke

Walking as i come to 

In other words; by the letters invested in me
Or the ones suggested on this LCD screen
It attempts to make me think that I'm not here. Forging words from the fire of souls combustion upon thine page. Of course it was worth less when the spark of inspiration proved to be priceless You want to see me dance with you But can't stand the bars i wager.
Or the wars funded by ….?
Fuck the dumbest one for thinking i was done When i said i could hear voices I wasn't speaking clearly enough Is there a voice in your head too? Oh thank goodness that I'm not alone Stop saying I'm crazy I've simply found a way to change the channel
From the microchip on my left shoulder
to the archangel in my right mind
Do you mind if I catch up with you? TaurianTorus©