Lost it

Have you… Lost It?

They would have you believe in anything else like

“I have lost my mind”

Or rather,

“I don’t understand what his words mean”
Or even better
“Why is he so inflated?  He is not that important, He is just losing his shit”

They would have been right it I hadn’t found it in the guttural sound of being

delightfully wrong…

most of the time.

As it were

the view I have on myself is guilt free

which allowed me to find

such a thing as

practical expression

in the form of

Mindful awareness

My practice was imperfect when I confused my preachers with my Sunday school teachers

But in a roundabout way

it works for me

Lately I’ve been feeling like I don’t have to wait in line anymore

Society will catch up with those left behind in a world where we all just want something better.

The judgements of the fallen;

their envy is humbling.

It’s a sign that they don’t know how to get Murphy’s law to work for them.

Everything that has gone wrong

has worked miracles for me.

I wish to encourage my peers to trade their weapons for tools too

Apply your knowledge of destruction to the wisdom of creation.

I’m just attempting to try not to try anymore.

I don’t need to prove anything, so I’m done jumping through the hoops, no bobs to weave into the webs of this whole wide world.

If we keep feeding into this idea that we have less power than…’Them,’

then I can only assume they have already won the battle.

Stop calling it a fight;

that intention gives them

the right to retaliate

I am responding with the love in my heart now

i am putting a flower into the barrel of monkey’s that shot us back to the past.

Just stop sucking the well dry

make them cry a river of joy

so the cursed ‘cants’ can float their blessed ‘heres’ and ‘theres’ back home too.

the life we all seek will come

about face

when we face the

real bouts and doubts.

stop fixating on those

That scheme is indeed

self sabotaging

start fixing to get even;

the odds are against them

We couldn’t see the ‘x’ file

in so easily

juxtaposed with a

problem solving mysterious ‘y’ at all.
when we knew they saw through

the irony;

it lies when

I masked my problems

With a seesaw to

honor the spectrum

Going up and down

it rewired my pituitary

Look here!

I think I forgot

the provisional list

Of essentials to remember

These tools are duller than dull

it just will not cut

justice out of

the line of sight

These lights are dimmer than dim



I will justify

the sparkle

in your eye

They missed my reflection

for the point that

I am not simply suggesting that

we are not alone in this universe

They want you to believe that

I am just crazy

Cause if I’m right for once

We could be free at last.