Black Wholes and Expectations

Black Wholes and Expectations
A quick memo to ground my mind.
By: Patrick Michael

If I cannot write without destroying the earth then I’d rather speak my mind.
If it becomes illegal to speak my mind, then I will think in this head and destroy the power of money to seal the deal.
But I wrote this down down on paper, so I feed the monster that destroys this planet, so I’ll feed it poison instead of food.
If it feeds on fear, then I’ll give it love.
If this love-light is not enough then I’ll shine it brighter and burn it out.
When everything goes blank, I’ll start again and think in this head and create a new light that brightens up the void.
If that void should swallow up all the more light then I’ll send it forth into the sun and allow it to eat everything in sight and then we’ll start again from a blank page.