Now I know

Now I know
A short poem by Patrick Michael

how the greatest story ever was told.

A big old game of telephone, transmitted through the vocal cords of humans, under the influence of their vices.

A fragment of time was shared over and over until the real message was lost.

Somehow I found how to translate the language through connecting my spirit with my soul before it fell.

They tell me I’m special, they try to insult, so I take their attack as a gesture of honor.

I’m no simple man, I swear it all day, but at the end of it, I just wish to stay.

Where, one might ask, and of course I respond with a deafening sound of…. What you heard in your head.

I’m showing us all how to be, even if it is missing out on a system of chance encounters. When all is here at the same time, you won’t find anything but what is inside.

I’m not who you think I am or even what you want me to be.

They can tell me I’m this or that, but it’s not up for them to decide.

They can follow me if they want, but I dunno where I’m going either.

One day I’ll see what happens moments from now but that day is not today, and who knows what we need to say just to get there in time.

I know… I’m out of my league. I don’t care, cause I leveled the playing field, and broke down the walls.

Let’s switch out now, don’t call me out for tapping in, I’m gonna tag my mate in to wrestle the next opponent.

I’m thinking we can change the story so the cycle moves into a perpetual trifecta of synergy. One that checks in to say hello, every once and each while.

That way, nobody is left out of the loop, and so truth of matter begins mass enlightening, and nobody gets struck, because we’re finally connected to the Earth again.