Story teller

Story Teller; Registering the Letters
By Patrick Michael

Whether or not there’s a reason to keep writing, I’ll keep living my life and keep telling stories.

Not for merit, moral or cause, but for cheer, tear, and applause.

Scratch that, reverse it, make the story an admirable task, with a series of shows, stinks and craps.

 There’s something magical about living the dream, so here is a story of a writer who was sure that there was more to reality than what can be seen.

So I’ll build and find and charm my way, through the magical land of everyday.

There’s rules and tools and toys for sure, but no thing I’ve found to make me richer than fools.

Illusions, distortions, tricks and trades.

I’m not sure at all what made me this way.

 I’m here for fun and pleasures and jokes.

 Be sure to send my love to your folks!

We’re all part of something bigger, I’m sure of it yet I can’t find the why, but there must be some kind of mystery that cannot be solved.

Otherwise, my interest would fade, way way down like every other page.

In the insignificance of this tiny space.

One day we may become a bit better, which is kind of why I wrote this letter. Writing allowed me to find my way.

Which way now?

Only time will tell