Golden boy blues
(formerly Trolling for Gold)
By Patrick Michael

I cannot sleep a wink when I see corruption orchestrated by Nazi’s in their sunday best preaching the gospel with Buddhist blessings disguised in supremely universal little white lies.
Even Psuedo-Russian Spies in cut-off denim treat my genes like dirty laundry, and try to bleach my gray matter back to black masses.
All the while the Jewish fun police those roads that lead to the Roman Catholic roots so deeply ingrained in my soul.
Now I am seasick cause I don’t think I can see straight through these windows pains;
My mind frames show that the light and the way are just as flip flopped as Jesus and the Baphomet.
I’m hanging with my
as I know that one day
I’ll be more lost than a
hermetic hierophant
who was considered
a heretic just because he found that
Ganesha wasn’t the only elephant in the room.
So I thought
I would jot these ideas down
just to observe and relay
what people consider to be
a joker or a clown


“Jesus FUCKING Christ this boy’s possessed by the Devil himself

he’s crazy as hell, burn the little faggot like the witch he is!”, They think without speaking.

“Look at him shape shift, that naked mole rat’s got diseases, even his fleas have parasites and tapeworms! Oh look now he’s dashing like a sly little Fox, he thought he was cunning, oh but I know how to trap him in a box.

Holy shit
he’s a Snake slithering away!
oh Fuck, look, it’s an Eagle snatching him up! Thank God for the Angels that came from above!”, They think on the proverbial channel.

My eyes fill with tears and see nothing but shame,

“Is it something i’ve said, something i’ve done?” I retort on said channel.

“I know this sounds crazy but I swear that I’m not wrong when I say that the troll under the bridge stole my lunch money and I would swear on God that some old bird took the Honey. That wasn’t me, I’m just a boy what would I know that you’d want to destroy? If you’re looking for my brain….well I think the zombies got to it, but I’ve still got a heart of gold, tarnished as it is, and i’m braver than a lion who’s lost in the woods,” My inner child interjects.

“Just for the record, I saved my soul in an offshore account, so that when the inevitable hurricane season slams the Bermuda Triangle, I’ll have life insurance pay me back double and so the Devil’s in debt. He’s probably pissed off that I backed up my hard drive to support my claim that some track marks are not scars of shame. That bird was a phoenix indeed who burnt my bridges away…what a shame that the troll never found a place to stay.” adds my teenage angst.

“I’m Saint Patrick answering the casting call of heaven to banish the snakes out to sea. Patron Saint of Engineers is the name I’m trying to live up to. I’m changing the setting, replacing brittle Masonry bricks with the limelight of getting stoned to death by savages. Do you see that I’m on a mission of the higher Dimensions? Don’t you love how it seems like this magick is real? No smoke and mirrors here, just dry-spells and snake-oil charms to sign the deal.” – as downloaded from my Divine being.

And which deal is that you might ask, and I respond with a resounding…shit I forgot…

“Do you fear anything more than the wrath of your mother? Its Gaia and she’s pissed that Father Time forgot her! He sold out to cash for gold, and surrendered his mantle!” Suggests my grounded kundalini;
You know we’re all flawed So please Gaia forgive the Satan Claws(errm who hired the dyslexic wiz kid to transpose this Message…that’s Santa Clause)
Why must we tell the children when they’re so young that he’s not even real?
This figment is destroying their hood in one fell swoop,
it wasn’t fair to the easter bunny,
he chased the tooth fairy down the rabbit hole too!
Thank goodness for the boogie man who’s keepin it cool down in Hell,
I’m telling ya, it’s frozen down there and they’re singing the blues!