Centennial: A Classic Case of Hyper-Vigilant Observation
By: Patrick Michael

As I learn to discern psychosis from reality;
Indigenous logos from disingenuous genius thought paradigms;
I find that my theories of time-space Continuums are just as relevant to a pair of dimes as they are to the insanitary brainwashing of Genies that rub themselves the wrong way.

Two wishes spent on washing the well dry-spell it out for me cause there’s no crying here. When I contributed my two cents to the argument I really meant to stand back and toss the short-change of my headspace into the light-work that made more work  for people that use gas-lights to convince themselves that I’m no worse than they were.

I’m better than I was yesterday because

I’m doing more than just surviving

I’m living

I’m being

I’m being better than the high-strung

Elite Class of future





leaders of IOUSA.
And now I understand why their anxiety gets the best of them sometimes, and man i can’t imagine how much power they must generate from all that extra cortisol.
They probably got there by extorting some pervert who did not know he was being watched by masturbators; I bet they use live shark bait to hook some fantastic sea dragons
For real though all bets are off when they have just as many fish bones in their closet as the next jerk-off
stunt double

I, however, do know that everything we do is always being watched.

So, If the NSA happens to notice every time I let my freak flag fly then I hope they send my basket case to the CIA so they can build a briefcase for the FBI to use against the centennial state of mind…

oh wait

this flag bleeds red white and blue too. And we have a lot more work to do before we figure out that the problem is blaming others for your own mistakes.

We can’t seem tell the difference between a chronically enigmatic psychic anda psycho-somatic addict, or a medium rare grill.

Yet, somehow this wisdom deep in my gut tells me

I have the ability to apply my lessons of astral projection to 3rd and 4th dimensional manifestation to prove the idea that this transmission is just the signal I received.

Now please,

go on about your business

big brother

I’ve got some work to do.

And it would be great if I knew that we were on the same side of history too.