Mountain Climbing

Mountain Climbing: One Stanza at a Time
by Patrick Michael

Disorganized crime

Fault lines defined by Quakers

Pilgrimage to save the last microwave

Genuine disguise blown off by these guys

Tipped off the bottom bitch, by topping the scales of another way

Weigh me in.
I’m tar’d and feather’d…wait drop me off at the cannon
Shoot me in the back of the head with a camera
as I watch the screenplay out my wildest nightmares.

No way Jose

Deal with it in another time

Suggest another way for me to get through to you.

I’m no leader, I’m no follower

I’m an albino black sheep in wolf clothes,
just to throw off the shepherd,

Open ended conversation,

Beg to question what it means,

Nothing I said.

It’s just the end of the line of sight to confuse those that preyed on me
For being too smart for my own good,
without getting any degrees or certifications or nods from the man.

They picked me up like I was a dirty penny,

Then I realized.

I was worth more than that,

they confused me to test my wits, try my outfit on just to see if it would fit.
It doesn’t, I’m flat footed, and the arches that could support my truth are found in the desert.

I ran the getaway car down to the runway
Flew a pig with an airplane mode
I’m telling you this is the fun way
But I’m like an elephant and my trunk arrives first, you know what was in it
not a dime to my name, whats the name of this game?
Don’t play if you don’t wanna lose, it is just a test to see if you’re paying attention, you’ll go broke if you spend more than your time on figuring me out.
It is seriously offensive to teach the teachers how to teach so I became a student in the school of thought that put me to work.
Some kind of high school could never show me what college meant when I dropped out to find myself on the edge of a mountain.
That lookout, that cliff, that I thought was the perfect place to see the green man shift, and the spirits of the forest get pissed.

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P.M. Kohlwey