Worth the wait. 

Worth The Wait.
(a quick blip on the radar)
Losing my mind was only a waiting game.
I consciously visualized a reaction that I would hope to be pleasant, however my dreams were sold on a dime when I turned down the blank stares.
I’m valid sometimes, but more importantly I’m out of line.
I’m on it half way when I realized that we didn’t have much to say at all.
We can work out the details later, I guess.
But my last assumption was supposedly ashamed that I got it wrong.
They stopped playing by any rules, I’ve never seen anything more cruel.
So I followed suit and broke the record cause it sounded so familiar.
I blasted the windows out, found a new way to decipher this position.
I’m entirely unsure of how to fix this problem I’ve got.
I’m forgivable for now, but I’m not sure how long this pass will work.