Abyssal Wounds Heal Time

Abyssal Wounds Heal Time
(old one) By; Patrick Michael

All alone once more, but not because I didn’t want it.

I came back to my sanctuary,
my humble abode once more to find this familiar place in its finest condition.
I’m feeling rare in this form
I’m learning to control
my self

my ego

I’m realizing these different mind-states incorporate every fiber of my being.

Govern this incident of ancient knowledge.
Don’t drop that antique, its completely irreplaceable!
I’m not sure if this place is the reason I feel the need to retreat into the recesses of my mind.

I’m trying to amplify these thoughts so I can connect the dots.

I’m not making sense so why should I become a prophet off another’s misinterpretation of who I am?

Project yourself in the back of my eyes and imprint the life you wish to see in me.

Reflect on to the next person and maybe you can truly enjoy all you have to offer.

This two way mirror will not deceive us any longer.

This nomadic hermit can only find solace in so many places.

Of course it is here that I can really stretch my wings.

I’m honing my skills to get ready for what comes next.

The tension is building and I can’t release this sensitive information before it’s too late.

This bubble of reality we all created will…pop.

It is in that moment that we must realize how perfect we are.
And how a destruction of one’s worldview, just gives more room to see what you wish.

It’s like we’re always arriving but never aware of…where.

Never departing, but always being…there.

This space is the only place that makes me feel at home.

This uncertain build-up taking me closer to the edge.

I peer over and gaze into the abyss.

The bubble…pops…and then…we all go together.

Transcending any physical limitations, because only our minds can comprehend these conflicting dimensions.

I flap my wings, I soar out of the black hole, and into emblazoned sky.