Feats and Specialties

Feats and Specialties
By: Patrick Michael

I guess it’s all been said and this is nothing new.
What progress can be made when the past is the same as the future?
Different cycles of creation and destruction, the story never changes.
This era will end and soon another will begin.
I can’t change what is already done and this moment is infinite, so tell me… What’s the point in trying to stop it?
The machine inside can only change gears so many times,
the transmission is clear…But I can’t learn anymore without an eradication of my fears.
I wish I had more positive impacts on people than I did negative one’s upon the Earth. My carbon footprint shows that I’ve got big feet,
fossilized for future generations, they’ll say
“This one tried, but he too was defeated”
if only I wasn’t so conceited…
Then maybe I would fight for this dream until it is completed.