Phoenix Tears

Phoenix Tears
By: Patrick Michael

Social Mediocrity constantly surrounding me
Do we really have any privacy?
If post a day keeps the doctor away
Then surely a tweet every hour shows us who’s in power

This Illusion is so clear to me
Why can’t the others see?
Freedom isn’t free when privacy is stolen from me
and sold to another entity

This Illusion is so clear to me
That I know just where I need to be
not up High or even below
but right in the Middle, where the Wind blows

My feet on the ground, my head in the clouds
I work with my hands, make the family proud
writing, digging, whatever it is
Distracting the ego, enticing the id

My feet on the ground, hands in the dirt
I feel the earth shake, ready to erupt
I prepare myself, hoping its not too abrupt

Instead of using a digital format
I go home, alert the folks, but nobody is there
They are lost in a realm of radio waves and chemicals

Not my place, they say without thinking
Suddenly its not, I find myself sinking
Under this weight
I crack the earth, right in two
This egg, it hatches, and this bird, it flew

Whoever thought we’d breed such a monster?
Put her in a cage, see what she does
erasing the history of what’s been done
she burns up the clouds in a glorious flame
that rekindles the love of those thought to be insane

One day this Phoenix may just fly away
Until then, I’ll live day by day
Rising from the ashes, I try not to stray
Until the moment when we no longer need to pray