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Read Read
By: Patrick Michael

Read repeat, rinse and clean

I’m lost once more to the holes in your story;

Forgot to write my ways down sideways;

Some kind of lessons were not taught the kind way;

I’m apologetic of course, these well rehearsed words were a curse

I’ve never seen this before but it worked really well and staved my hunger for the truth, 

I’m working on healing, every other day

And sometime one must find that

The keys of listening may unlock these doors,

but I’ll never be back again if I don’t stand in yours.

Mercy me,
please I’ve got one more show
and I’ve got a way home without putting a hole in the plot.

Redundant remedies seemed futile at first,
And maybe they were, maybe they were not.

I’m seriously regretting a hot time with a hot guy for a cool minute with a shy guy.

I’m cruel, I’m emotionally vapid and empty,
I admit, I’m not depressed,
just a sociopath, or maybe just empathetic enough to sympathize with those that have been abused by the lies.

When I gone down this poem will make me cry,

But not tonight, no just when the sun rises.

Again when it sets in that stone cold door stop,
I’ll never be the same again and now you know why
I know this life is obscene.
It knows no honor, just valor I see.
But that doesn’t mean we can just get out of this scene,
there are people down there that need some support!

But what’s the point of risking it all, when there is no medal for me.
There’s another hint that I’m not perfect, sometimes I wish for the recognition, I still want the vanity to appease me, but wait don’t blame me for finding humanity in society!

Civil action in retrospect meant my vigilante ways were nothing more than Robin falling from Grace.
I stayed steadfast, stirring in my ways.
Listening for eavesdroppers to quake in my wake.

They followed my breadcrumbs to find a big mess, one that was started by never confessing.
I did no wrong, I left no clue
as to
how the new world order became stood up by the catalyst inside me.
“How did that get there?
I thought he was just a poet that never got famous for keeping quiet,
who ever thought something so small could be so significant?”
Don’t mind me, just doing my thing, at ease gentleman,
I’ll keep to myself and quit bothering the others.