Remedies and relief

Remedies and Relief
Part one: Pathological Preservation.
by: Patrick Michael

I just happened upon a route, which lead me to a path, that once fled left, to a dead end.

I look down in remorse, and see upon the dusty baseboards; a simple sign, a coincidental, anecdotal reprieve upon the lands.

What I found was a mirror, that reflected at least 8 shades, and a queue so the line behind me looked like an angry mob.
I encourage them to see the similarities in our tied fate.

I found my gracious humble mind, within this horrible mistake.

I wished to find truth, or at least a wick of light, in the places just above our head, to show the heart as a piece of art, and/or something to be twisted and sold
(not recommended)

It is indeed a priceless chandelier, shiny, refractive, spectrums bouncing off the ceiling.

How many times have I been awestruck by it’s beauty, and crushed by it’s burden?

No more, I lift myself up,
I see as I must,
as there are no more mysteries as precious as one that made us look up,
when we played hide and seek.

Part Two: Antioxidants and Free Radicals.

They looked at me as if I was different.

Out of this world.

Maybe I am.

Maybe this suggestion grounds itself.

My theory was this: if all we have is the gravity within to hold our web of being, we may enjoy our intellectual ego giving us individuality, thus maybe we could all experience our own slice of heaven together.

Never have I ever had such a misguided assumption.

I see the misfortune within.

I never thought I was good enough or strong enough to share my darkness outside myself.

Within my dimly lit torch.

This light, this fire, this spark of insight… saved me from myself.

Saved us from them.

Saved them from everything else.

It was when I took responsibility for my actions that my reactions became positively enlightening.

I put a field, a bubble, an orb around my sacred masculinity, which was allowed to be complementary to the divine feminine vessel which gave me a space to grow.

My light was finally able to transmute through truth, to dispel my darkness.

My shadow was a gift of admonishment. there was suddenly no code to decipher here.

I am no longer afraid of my subconscious.

I know what lies beneath the murky waters.

A beast swims in this…mud,
such culture yearning to be understood,
accepted, or at least, acknowledged.

Therefore its shape wrapped around the flame,
which dances as it is swooned,
it moves,
and this truth,
it shimmers.

The colors of my darkness become tickled a hue brighter.

My, my, their there,
oh how bright was that spark.

The ignition,
this catalyst which tamed my nature.

This nurturing spirit took a poison to form an antidote,
for the people, places and things here and now.