Opaque Clarity

Opaque Clarity
By: Patrick Michael

Some how, some way,

I found a faint shadow of doubt in my peripherals.

The opacity was just the residue leftover from cleaning house.

I never knew how well read I could be until I wrote down my thoughts,
which I found to be misinterpreted with
a should-never-have-the-right to be mistaken for something serious.

I dunno how well I’m doing but it feels good to be regularly late for every little aspect of respect I’ve lost..

I have little to show for my adventurous lifestyle…I never knew which way to go, with this absurd notion of centrifugal force.

I say the same shit over and over because the message sent is another lesson lost in the mayhem.

We need a translator to flip this transistor out on its side,
I think maybe then we could sustain a benefactor generation.

Redefine it as this system that defined the flaws,
which may prove to be a mechanism to order chaos again.

Theoretically… I’m lost.

So quit following me into the woods….
This may be a discourse on strategy, but of course I’m just listening to my elders and applying myself to…something special.

Peace… Sorry for the waste of time….

I didn’t realize that…. This…was…. Real.

So now, let’s move forward,
pick ourselves up by our toes,
before we stub them, and trade them for tickets, to pay off later on…

Sincerely appreciate your time, or you’ll be begging your grandchildren for change.

That does it,








Some abroad civil rights shall be privileged enough to become entitled with an old fashioned systematic contraception.

Did that make any sense whatsoever?

Nah… I’m just losing it.






I’ll chill out.

What happened?

Basic rhetoric should never be answered with a call to question why.

I’m on the verge of imploding,
cause I feel so dense,
that I may just become a deeper shade of…. Human.

In contrast, however, I feel saturated in information that means
Was. True.

Fusion reactor.
Emerging graceful plunge.
Through a wormhole spiral out on through.
Was it for you?
I don’t know for sure.

But something is happening, this I feel.

I won’t simply rely on my 5 Senses,
no the spectrum is in-deed,
divergently defined.

Upsets were always one sided,
but I’m telling you to stand up for yourself
and stay confident so we can go deeper into the truth of the matter….