Plant Cropping

Plant Cropping(an older one)
By Patrick Michael

These flowers are medicine;

These people are poison

Offer this remedy to the population; cure the planet

From the inside out, Heal these scars

With extracts made from plants

Don’t sedate me

Just make love to my body

Don’t distract me

Just focus your microscope on the pollen and see how long it takes to make honey

Don’t touch the bees, and don’t mind the wasps,
they won’t notice you at all if you’re working to preserve the garden too.

I see myself in the reflection of these people’s eyes,
glazed over from their choice of poison.

Whatever it is this week…

If only these people realized the weeds in their garden
were actually the medicine they needed to heal!

They pluck the camomile, spray the dandelions and pull the quinoa,

This is what we have been taught, protect the crop of common interest, or the thoughts that make you crazy instead.

Destroy the gifts of nature, is that what they said?
In my head, I can hear the spirit of the earth,
and this ain’t workin with all this genetically modified, monopolized system.
If only the companies raping this earth could profit off of our health instead of our sickness.
One of these days we’ll start thriving and they’ll try to tell you that we don’t have enough room or that the coasts are too crowded, and that the population needs to decline, but I can’t listen to these lies, I know there is so much room all over this land, I wouldn’t mind if I had to share my room with a stranger, as long as we are working together, I think we can get on with this story.