Silent Dance

Silent Dance
By: Patrick Michael

Amplification of one’s antennae
Connect me to the grid of energy
Frequencies attract
Vibrations resonate
Pull my soul out of this chest.
Don’t worry, it will always regenerate.
Like magnets we flow to the past.
The path of least resistance.
Signal the other, they are always tapped in.
Don’t tap out
Don’t let go
Get me into that space where time
doesn’t know the difference between space
Yet the friction pulls like velcro, the seam appears to rip apart,
yet it’s really doesn’t matter because it’s just part of yet another

silent dance between neurons.

Connections are simply getting more densely programmed… Intimately vast…. And exquisitely…. Executed.
Firing dendrites and exciting my mind with thoughts I didn’t realize I could feel before.
That is the fifth dimension. Space without time, ideas without restrictions of mass.
And it’s only going to take me to church if we connect to the only moment I’ve ever known… The present.