He’s a Witch!

He’s a Witch!
By: Patrick Michael

I don’t know who I am or where I came from, but I am waking up from the spiritual amnesia.
The sun and the moon guide me into my own silver light,
a light so bright it blinds the others to whats inside.

So let me tone it down for you here, so you can see the real me.
These are the troubles of a modern shamanic empath.

I have the power to heal, but only if you let these words hit you in the ajna.
I can stimulate your crown,
connect you with divine entities,
but I can only help those in need, those who help themselves.

Sometimes I block my own throat chakra with cigarettes thinking it helps me speak.
I’m only human, as my number dictates.
Patrick Michael Kohlwey has seven letters to each name and the curse of Crowley seems to have been revived as a blessing to me,
oh how lucky it is to be awestruck with misfortune on the daily.
And so it goes…

Oh the woes of an empathic wizard!
my magic is only powerful,
only useful when you believe in me!
Feeling every emotion in each room,
I try my best to deflect the bad,
absorb the good,
bounce it around to another place.
adjust it all,
flip it, smile and nod;
Pretend everything is alright.
We soon forget we are pretending and everything is just alright?

I will not forget again!
I will never go back to sleep!
I am restless because forgiveness is not going to solve anything!
I will not forgive and forget the atrocities!
I will peacefully protest and drop bombs of truth upon this land
and shatter this glass illusion to pieces until all is clear to the masses!

I haven’t sold my soul to the Devil yet, and I don’t need to in order to become successful.
I just need to trust in Mother Gaia and Love with my Whole Heart
This black hole is eating me up, swallowing every finite light it sees.
What comes out the other side?
The silver lining that guides my love of everything on this planet, this galaxy, this universe.