Erosive flow

Erosive Flow
By: Patrick Michael

I feel this inspirational food dissipate into the canyons of my being.

Deeper now, the water cuts into my self creating wonderous caverns and steep cliffs, whodoos and all eroding so efficiently.

My worries slip away with the current, the eddies form and speed up the healing time of these scars onto my past, the current flows on and I enjoy windy Cirrus formulations.

Gusts churn up and out into the stratosphere.

Planting new ideas throughout my landscape.
I allow my body to be fertilized with the cultures or the future.

Seedlings sprout from chocolate cake soil, soon they will be robust saplings ready for the inconsistent weather.

The sun’s intense rays feed my plants, like processing thoughts of a better day.

This time, I’ll stick around until the harvest.