Show up later than before…. Again. 

Fashionably Late
By: Patrick Michael

These shoreline realities keep conjuring the revolution of the extra dimensional entities that protect this very sensitive expression.

These theories are not something that can be proven without reasonable doubt, empirical evidence, but I really can’t relate to the composition of my synchronicity.

This time my mind is disconnected from my heart and thus I have found a way to express the reality that keeps me tuned into the fork in the road that made me finish my plate.

Ascend, diversify, explode into nothing, then unify the broken, untangle the knot, experience the only moment there ever will be.

 Enhance the resolution to each and every proposition and with enough dumb luck, vibrational resonations should match the calibration of each unique incarnation of love.

Vapid waves articulate themselves and bland electron clouds taste like battery acid.

I’m done frying these taters, I’m done sailing these seas to diversify the means of symmetry reprieve, existing outside these dreams, I will not wake up when I’m in parallelogramatical errors.

So even when I feel so right and sure of every step,
I notice that those who know my habits, and my ways,
they tremble in wake fearing I’ll take what’s left.
I disregard because this life is overcooked and underscored.

 I walk until I gallop into each sunset, but often I keep momentum going until I stampede into the dawning light of day.