Vertical horizons and sublimations

Vertical Horizons and Sublimations
By: Patrick Michael

Cross reference your resources, and verify your own conclusions if you wish.

Facts are hard to find when the source code of any system can theoretically be altered and fondled and misused before it’s double checked and triple teamed.

While I know inherently that I’m occasionally misguided,
sometimes I’ll follow along just to see if I missed any quantifiable variables.

Often times I skip a beat; hitting every other step, the melody is pretty neat, so this harmony ticks in time to give our ears a space to fill in the blanks between the scales.

Imagine the sonic range of underwater creatures,
kilometers and knots measure the wavelengths of space and time so much more congruently.

Bounce these signals back so we may move forth,
before our own echo strikes fear to the subconscious,
simply because fight or flight was only natural.

I understand that aesthetics makeup for such abstract nonsense,
but sometimes I wonder why the arts seem at odds end with science.

How many brilliant intellectuals see two sides of a coin when objects were obsolete to the esoteric ineffable.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not the first to suggest a unifying principle,
nor am I ignorant to those that defy normality.

Archaic approach files me in as a nominal aberration,
none more than an… ergodic yield.

I feel so much more value than this apparent auto-fellatio….this…propensity for definition…

I don’t see my anomic position fitting into a cubical.

Alas, I find great relief here, as the infinite collective of information is neutral, and it is only an unbalanced entity that could be capable(or foolish enough) to consider exploiting such concepts.

Material gain yields concentric degradation.

Keep digging for gold… eventually one will drill a hole in the field,
the fabric of space/time, and so it goes on and on and if this rotation only cooperates in one direction then I can basically assume it is in a lower dimension.

This stream of consciousness is not predefined,
and as soon as I find myself at the end of the line,
that is the moment when I expand my mind.

I’m not going up, down, left or right, no no,
we have the ability to counter an out of tune initiative with a proactive design.

It doesn’t even really have to rhyme, these parameters are so destructive to time….

Oddly enough my hat tricks are like grand slams,
but poetry isn’t a sport for me, no this isn’t a game.

I’m reeling in my skills to use my pen name as a sword.

 I use it only to slice cake or cut ribbons to make my own bow ties.

I have the privilege of speaking my voice,
a gracious gift given to us by founding fathers
who were indeed in a similar position as mine.

Listen to your heart,
let it speak to your conscience,
and if your belly is full, then our souls won’t disagree or collide.

We’ll find greatness at this axis, and we won’t feel cornered or backed up cause the vertex is the place where we can coincide and not lose our minds.