Operator Error

Operator Error
By: Patrick Michael

This vessel is crashed; I landed on the surface of this unconscious thought.

Kick start my engine, I’m the standard model not the automatic.

I don’t know much about machines, but I think this man needs a priest not a mechanic!

I’m not unstoppable any longer, I spit on the kettle that brought my desires to a boil, it rang my bell, oh what tower pulled it out.

Cook me over easy, and be sure not to break the yolk,
I’m this fragile now, and once again I’ve fried these eggs with a pan pie.

I’ll have to hatch new ideas, go devour my fate.

 Add some pepper to taste, don’t get salty if it’s not just right,
I have only half baked plans to finish my meal.

There’s always leftovers, and even when I’m full,
there’s always room for dessert.

Part two; multi-syllabic dischord 

Download the medium.
Motherboard gives birth to space.
Hard drive crashes and burns

Upgrade your software, natural selection kills it,
high deaf, low brow

 Flip this power switch,
remind me where I left off,
standby like sleep module.

Waiting at Start menu,
find control panel,
uninstall regularly scheduled programming.

Infinite reboot, dear battery, moderate commentary.

The mouse clicks,
snake bytes,
chips are crummy,
cookies crumble,
space bar open all day.