As you were

As You Were;a short story by Patrick Michael
Corruption, seduction
Gold is the scourge of man
Curate a gallery of false idols

See the price of creation 

Fall short to the sale of your sanity
It is not the price you pay today 

which sees the debt pile up

It is only the short change in your head space that can be put away

Don’t let them steal your mind, 
lock it up ten times further in the vault of your subconscious,

The only successful heist they can pull off is the one you work, 
like an inside job
False flagging the source code
like a boy who cried wolf

The dirt is only what's left and I'm not gonna use it against you

It's only a scraped knee this time

Quit complaining that the boy 

became a man when he realized the truth was something 
different to everybody who read a timeless piece. 

Indeed, I have shared my deepest truths without 
revealing a single entity. 

Protect it if you wish, I won't judge you for this. 

Nothing is lost, one bit of everything to be gained.  TaurianTorus©