Stop. Foxtrot. Niner. Roger. 

Graphs and Telepathy By: Patrick Michael
Should I stop thinking of him?

Do I stop revealing this bit of patience what could be shared to heal?

Do I stop this discussion when I can only stop to listen?

Should I zip this text, file it somewhere neat?

When I know every other word is repeated over anyway.

This tip of the hat, this shift is not over.

This radio transmission is not what I'm leading on and on to.

I'm not done replacing broken parts,
no, these things make ya feel worse.

This could cause me to break down and find my self worth.

This blatant irony; that I knew he didn't need me.

I'm not mad cause when I found the truth,

it was nothing less than my own sacred temple…

And it was on fire.

Inside and out.

I went seeking my self,

I found a Divine source.

I lost myself when I found you in my eyes,

behind my ears.

They showed us that this bond was prohibited, yet in that moment

we knew we would be lost over and over again,
that way, we would never know who to blame.

It would never happen the same way again.

We could never see each other the same.

It would be just like that.

As it were, in that time where we stood still,

with gratitude,

without shame,

within guilt,

Without fault,

We knew something was off.

We went ahead.

To get turned on,

Tuned up,

Analogued out, to experience each other.

fully, wholey,

To be better.

We repented our sin.

that was my mistake, but it felt original.

It felt real.

Until I spoke decades too soon.

Until I separated us.

With a word,

I may have salvaged the wreckage.

I used an excuse to benefit a mistake.

I tricked the jokers,

made age old wise ass cracks,

snapped my fingers enough to say,

not now.

not never.

As I hung my light around his waist.

The energetic battery powered flower shower washed away my sarrows,

and my conversation with you,

was finally just that.

Suddenly, we were truly naked.

I learned something.

I grew up, without hitting my head.

Over and Out.