Refreshments intact. 

Refreshments Intact; Fresh-Air
By: Patrick Michael

Multiply the Zeroes out, noise canceling

Statistical shortage, longing for perseverance

Revving up my engine, elation for the ecstatic

Rejuvenated with the fresh air,

water for my soul,

polluted mess hallway,

syncopated timeless revolution.

 My vision is realizing oddballs refuse to give up primal instinct,

Untied knot, not even when romance is waving goodbye, shaking hands as a greeting, card-carrying substitute space encased in beatniks.

Face the music later, listen to the sounds of your voice, find that your souls choice is unique, and gives us freedom to find our purpose.

Creative delineation, rewired unhinged math problems, flowing over cups, spoiling juvenile mindsets, guess I should have waited for my brain to develop before I smoked weed.

 Or maybe this unfortunate thought is exactly how they repressed our evolution.

Entitlement…. Isn’t that exactly what you were fighting for?

No disrespect, I’m simply answering rhetorical questions.