Laboratory Ratatouille

Laboratory Ratatouille And Guinea Pig Ideals
By: Patrick Michael

I’ll take a peasants dish and turn it into the most delectable manna.

When I talk about cloud 9,
it’s fluffy and like cotton candy,
but it might be Royal jelly,
save that queen,
I’m no jester
I’m protecting it and when I dropped down my gaurd,
the drones went off duty to appreciate my dedication to preserving such a rare heirloom.

This studio I’ve developed may be messy, but this isn’t the gallery, this isn’t exactly an exhibit.

You see this creation in queue is the most raw form of art.

Less than my ego… Less than the monetary value.

I could see that stoned io, volcanoes and all,
logos dropped down to say….aww.

Tap in, tap out, double tap to take out the zombies

There you are.