By: Patrick Michael

I’ve been doing the best that i can with the worst problems I’ve ever had.

I’ve been living my life like I don’t know what’s next.

I’ve been seeing the end of the story I wrote, without trying to plan the plot.

Pick the introduction that best suits your interpretation of what it all means.

These metaphors represent whatever you choose, as though you already knew.

I’ve got these ideas that turn into beliefs, but I can’t control what it means to me.

Examine my mind, tell me what I’m missing.

I’ve only lost what’s inside, I swear I’m not blind.

What is it that you find when you look without worry?

Go ahead, search till you pass out,
scramble for consciousness,
when you wake up, you’ll realize.
You’ll remember.
You’ll find it where you last left it.
What were we talking about again?