Space Case

Spaced Out Face Plant
By: Patrick Michael

Growing into a new place without a fickle little vision of invention.

I am like this-only as a little version of a surreal situation, with a genuine intention.

I’m done feeling bad about the tame pets that feel sick about the same old ways, that old pity party and the song and dance that is meant to bore us to death.

Old Magic was the foundation for all this digital interface.

 Interference made me look like…a ghost, a spooky effigy in the dugout,

never hitting the ball but always knocking it outta the park.

Oh so you do believe in a higher power?

“No i believe there is no afterlife’-
so why is breaking, punching this fourth wall so terrifying to all?

Why have we not found a manner with which to nullify adverse effects of…conditioning.

Softening the boomstick…flip it…side alpha is overplayed…beta is somewhat refreshing…ok so we’ve been through it all…so let’s move on.

 Psyche, meet ego; ego meet soul, spirit show them all in their unique states.

Defensive, Obligatory

Imperative; derogatory

Sincere; unprofessional

Amateur; Passionate


Welcoming; discomforting

Examination; progression

Passive; pronounced

Significator; defiance

Upsetting, downtrodden

Worn-in; acid washed

Letter writing; formulaic


Irreplaceable; removable

Backed up to the dumpster

Treasured treatise



Morningstar dust pan

Sweeper; goal is behind me

how much? just for finding a systematic synonym like…trees and powerlines.

I can still smoke for curing that anxiety

Physical-electric, magnetic

Steel this sign

The legend is the key,

It opens gates, not just doors.

Lock it… But don’t keep it from everybody.



Om na ma na ma om


Cabbage patch kid

Garbage pail shit

Grew up in the age of grunge, punk rock and boyz2men.

My own brother was so lost in his ego,
he ruined the family name… Again
To tell me how to be.

When I’m learning how to prevent the fall of Rahlia…or Atlantis…. Or the heavier thought process of transformation or ascension;
so it can be preserved, not simply…. entertained.

But I proved my suggestion,
that we need proper preparation for the next stage in life.
Maybe it can be done, we owe this to future generations…

I’m not talking about brain washing… Nor gene pool cleansing…

I’m taking about connecting to each and every sentient race….
All inputs are valid…
And we all experience this field of energy,
we can hear it, so much sects.
So many different forms of love to communicate.

If I was slighted…
I’ll do my best to respond for love…
allow me to practice this form of engaging in reality.
I won’t ignite kinetic energy if you could allow me some personal space to grow up.
I hit my head… Bonked the good thoughts outta line.
So many sharp quips; clawed at the fabrication of it,
tore down the framework… broke down the machine that built it.
Released my demons with an excision from right brain to left out in the cold.

Nothing Uber can’t put on the bill, just saying.
Redistribute the wealth.


What, no tip?

Just the tip.

Don’t flip out.

No shots fired.

Just hula hoops like portal hopscotch,

 bring it back simple

Line dance, do-si-do

One…two…step up to the plate… it’s pewter

Expression to the fullest…

Variety is the spice of life.

No fame, no name, just simple goodness for the great flood of disinformation.

So alchemical…I created dirigibles of light to store two back ups of everything… And guess what… They won’t sync…. If they merge, well… There goes the neighborhood.

 I know what is right but I don’t know when to demo,
how to show up, why it’s so vacuous to what I don’t get.

Somebody knows but they think I’ll tell… Who… The boss? The others?

Where is the disagreement

If I may, how can I help?

Nevermind I don’t want help…I would prefer an assistant,

Hot shit, cold call, hang out no more,

Losses of capital punishment or gains reported by assets,

Liabilities, warranted


Repair, redeem, pre-vent

Airway, cleared

Landing gear>ready

Pathway to runway; stable

Wreckage>salvaged; processed and donated

Livelihood of impoverished delegations: gracefully, gradually, surely, regained