By: Patrick Michael

Mother Nature’s incarnations
naturally intensify when I consume food within her design
The bees are listening when I assume this position of entirely new local inscriptions
I’m done with these prescriptions relative to poisonous transitional fatty deliveries
I spend my time, my money on my health and mother pays me back with longevity to keep on exciting my circle of life, stoking my fire that burns inside, through this intentional state of being here with her.
The nectars of the earth are not hard to find, they just cost more in relation to my elation that qualifies me to separate from this system of chaotic wonderment
All I did was ensure that the machine didn’t get through my mainframe
setting me apart from the same old same old excruciating destructive force of time.
Exponentially decreasing the value of whats is theirs, what is not part of the whole
balancing this act only frees this eternal soul from depreciating into the end of the void.
If I keep this going I’ll come back again in the form of a life that sees the end of this illusion
and we’ll all grow up in this family tree that feeds the people with the fruits of life.