Spelunking for Profanity

Spelunking for Profanity
By: Patrick Michael

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the message I sent was not the same as the one received. I said always bet on black, cause this game is a crapshoot. Of course, junkies got caught up in the mix so they thought the shots taken were all about them.

I never meant to hurt anybody’s feelings.
You see, my nerves snapped my mind out of line and guess what…I blew out the fire inside just in time to leave my heart out in the cold.

 Thank goodness for righteous interpreters, the real underdogs.
I promise next time I won’t let the object out of sight. I’ve determined how to get out of this shit for a while, now that I’ve tweaked out the freaks, and freaked out the speakeasy prohibition era sleaze balls.

Let’s legalize personal freedom, and arrest the state of the art fear machine for brainwashing and hypnotizing individuals before we all fall down, and come out of context once again.

 Ashes to ages come up for a breather, so there’s some air time on this channel that actually gets things right for once.

Pockets full of posers and losers that imitate me just to find out why I got to be so high and mighty.

I was told never to swim in the ether of a church, lest I burn it down. Yet, most places feel like clubs so I dance and display myself in a manner that could make even the most devout atheist worship a false idol.

I’m going in deep on these plot holes, so I do my best to fill them, but there’s so much dirt down here you’d think somebody was digging for gold.

I’m telling you there’s no treasures to be found, keep moving along, nothing to be seen, no landmarks to remember.

This mine needs to be shut down, so many radioactive broadcasts flooding the system and when the wires crossed it caused grounds for electrical fires. We can’t shut it down and we may only exit the way we came in; Screaming, kicking, posting up on the trauma centers to warn others that this grotto is cursed.

But I’ve come back with knowledge and wisdom for the survivors.

I may be able heal those alchemical burns, if one allows me to explain how I work with water and earth, not ether or fire.

 Let’s make a mask, take it back to the elder days and rely on natural forces to process all that mud.

I’m listening once again.

I’m back from the depths of consciousness.

I’m here for all those lost in the caverns.

 I can see in the dark.

I can feel the spaces in-between.

I hear you, when nobody else knows you’re speaking.

It’s about time I found myself.

I’m on call these days.

Just wait for me to fall asleep, and we can meet in our dreams.