Elemental Discourse on Intel

Elemental Discourse on Intel
By: Patrick Michael

As I learn more about myself and the world everyday, I wonder which parts of it are real.

I receive so many signals, mixed bags and missed connections.

I’m lead on to believe there’s nothing I can do to fix the world.

I’m not trying to fix it cause it’s not broken.

However there is something… Different about the way it works these days.

I’m thinking that there’s a super computer projecting this hologram.

And we can connect to it.

It seems that if there indeed is a tethered fiber optic chord,
there must be an energy exchange between the user causing a short circuit,
if not grounded, or the user’s stream of consciousness could potentially overload the bandwidth and slow down the systems.

Therein lies the problem with mass illumination.

If we are ready to learn the truth about reality,
we must grasp the fact that knowing and understanding are separate.
One must learn to live the truth without having to process it at all times.
If you don’t know, you may not understand, but don’t worry cause there’s plenty of time to catch up.

As much as I care for my peers and my students, and my relatives,
I must be ready to leave them behind in order to protect them.
I know that I can handle the extremes of psychedelic exploration, and even though I have gone too far from home, I always come back with more knowledge to share.

I’m always ready to move on to the next stage in life.

My spirits have been tamed, my soul may have been sold for pennies on the dollar but there are so many ways for me to get it back that I was rejected when I asked for a checking account.

I can’t tell anymore if my neutral status is progressing anything at all.
I feel balanced as often as I lose it, slip, and catch myself before I fall and act like it was what I meant to do all along.

My madness is saving me, because it’s on the edge of insanity.
I am on the brink of a full circle psychotic break, and I hope I can jump through enough hoops to dance a little bit longer, or I might just find that line and walk it down to the ground.

I am egging them on,
every other day,
just teasing them cause they know I know what couldn’t be true.

What organizations want me dead?
Am I a threat to nationalism with my universal means?

I’m just an average kid with a normal IQ,
nothing special about me,
except that maybe my intellect is powered by my spirit.

I’m a shaman in training, what do you expect.
Science can definitely find the truth of my theories and I don’t know how else to right my wrongs.

I’m left to decide what went wrong.
The English language has so many dialects, you’d think I’m speaking in tongues.

I’ve activated another line of communication,
a vein that leads to the heart,
it relies on bio-magnetism and the ionization of the atmosphere around.

Humidifiers will soften the static, and allow for individual thoughts,
but don’t forget to change the channel
when there’s a high chance of dissertation on the subject.

Protect one’s own body suit complex first, with rituals of breathe, rhythm and focus.

Then remind yourself that you’re human, with an alien ghost robot running it.

We’re all alike in that manner, no matter how ancient or young your soul is.

This remission of original sin may just be your ticket to Eden.
Keep in mind regardless of religion, the seven deadly sins are sisters, and they are indeed relative to all human beings.

Mankind is some kind mutt, Martian, Atlantian, pleadiean, arcturian, vegan, all Divine races, all competing for a chance to get back up to…. nevermind.

I know some things that I can’t quite grasp,
but I wish to convey this in a way that no one will regret.

Earth was once a prison for criminal souls, I long for the Paradise for the fearless ones.

So I’ll move on up and worship the garden,
the place where we grow up and sow our seeds of freedom and our courage hardens.