Ladybug Parts

Female empowerment, restoring the sacred nature of the yoni, freeing the nipple, and solidifying the divine lingham to the space that is worthy of being honored for good.
There is no balance today, I see a fight one sided, and I’m not much of a feminist but I feel for the way red faced Martians have struggled to take the power back over the blue in the face Atlantean.
How precious is a man, when he is humbled by the grace of beauty, for some part aesthetic, some part utilitarian, a large part compassion with hint of spunk and a kick in the pants to boot.
How have this race of flying pigs over taken the culture shock value and how did the gentleman give way to the savage carnal sentry?
Maybe I am confused on the balance of things, after all, man does all for the bread maker herself.
This culture is finding itself to be self medicating, self sustaining, selflessly placed in the correct spot.
I never wonder why the Amazonian lore reads of superior female strength, nah we have moved past blame, lets unite and find our assets all at once.
Man who cares out of protection and pride, or maybe a place to not put on a pedestal.
Equality, that is the lock, so where is the key?
Maybe sexuality is more than just binary, so many changes in DNA these days I can’t keep my mind straight enough on what it means to keep it clean.
So is this a challenge to see what I have ignored previously.
Care for the seed of life, enjoy the spark or ignition of that cycle.
If done right it should be tuned on its own, oh how complex the simple idea of mankind to be defined or reassured that solving social security issues sounds absurd at this point. A movement of awareness comes in bursts, there are many of us who are on the same page.
Keep yourself sharp and we can build on each others wavelengths, thus brainstorming weather which washes out the weirdness.
Thanks for the reminder that I’m not alone.
Signed, P.M. Kohlwey
© TaurianTorus