It’s Us


Expectations are fruitless when solutions are not resolved correctly.

One must follow through on their word or this representation is not reputable.

We are using scientific theory to provide evidence of how to heal the rotten roots of forbidden fruit.

I do not believe it was a reptile that mislead my idea of wisdom.

I do not think the tree had apples nor oranges.

I do not believe I can see a tree whose roots are connecting to its branches.

I do not know enough about how to circumnavigate this dull planet.

I do not know what has not been passed down to me from sea to shining satellite moon.

From fear to truth.

I can differentiate and appreciate some form and function,

some methodical madness,

through somebody else’s window.

I can’t see what is wrong,

just that this window is stained glass,

rose shades,

brighter hues than I am used to.

I can see what colors are filtered out,

and what is right behind me.

It is ok, its good,

I hope that is not news to you.

We all know what they say about no such thing as bad news is…well you know.

This is the abridged version, a whole new process.

I should dumb it down for those hard of hearing but I’m rebellious

because my justice is transmute.

Now we can see what I was talking about last time.

Now you know why I am so adamant about moving forward.

This is not payback,

this is me returning a favor,

a loaner,

an outfit I wore out too long

and forgot what it meant to fashionistas.

I have no qualms with the simple mind,

I find it precious,

and something to take great care of.

This court has been tumbled

and now its polished,



and what was once so rough is so much more pretty. 

P.S. That’s how long it takes for father time to send the messages back to mother earth.