Storybooks and Ferry Tails

By: Patrick Michael

“Tell me the greatest story, again, he said.

Tell me how you ended up with the book.

Tell me how you got others to buy the book.

Tell me about the characters and how they ended up being nothing more than the protagonist and the antithesis of everything I’ve ever hoped for.

Tell me again, how this timeless revolution was rebellious as ever, and how you thought that writing anything new was a moot point.

Tell me from the beginning if you wish,

Tell me from the middle of the end if that best suits your needs.

Tell me everything.

Tell me what you know,

Tell me how the current events changed with the flick of your pen.

Tell me how the past was irrelevant to the future.

Tell me how the future of what was once in the history books is now in the fiction section because it was just too far-fetched.

Tell me what you wish you knew in order.

Tell me how the order of your story telling is irrelevant when there are no more lies to be told.

Tell me what you know.

Tell me how you know this to be true.

Tell me, more importantly, why you think this could be possible.

Tell me how to tell the difference between a lie detector and a detective that knows how to pass one.

Now we have the frame of mind that fits the artistic space fit for a fascist king overseas. Now we see why this piece of art was misinterpreted as an ursa major.

The big dipper…left its contents on the table.

Tablature that wrote the stars into the sky, notes of that canon that told the greatest story ever. Its been told before…don’t make me waste my time.

Don’t make me overwrite the records of history just so that some refugees of a war in the fabric of space/time could be stitched back together after I punched through that wall….that continuous graph that defines us.

No please, let them in these borders, they are great people, an intelligent family of thought process’ that can get us out of this muddy rut.