Spuds, Sat-Coms, and Connecting the dots to the Dashboard: A Reservior of Prose

Black Mirrors online; to fold(3folds) the(screens)together.

A connection is then established, a link soon is applied, and a bridge is then built, not out of wooden match sticks; no this time the bridge is made up of wires, fibers, strings, plugs, spokes, circles, and me.

The causeway is then found underneath, a platinum locket on a chain of gold, wear this around one’s neck, under a pewter plate of the myth.

Hold this space until the only worthy spotter may bring that weight home.

Early to shed, late to be read, patience is essential to being so easy. That doesn’t mean those that are average are unworthy, and this doesn’t mean that I can’t be pulled over.

Popular cultures have billions of probiotics, to demand more prose on the way I like to be silent.

Night-crawling; spoofing; spoiler-alerts; tip off the fan boys to shut out the references to the libraries.

I have not been told of a book in it’s name and I don’t know how that shelf got to be so cluttered with dust bunnies.

I might be aware of a ladder that leads down to a cooler, protecting the wisdom of ancient Iotas and improbable leaders.

Bolts hold this rivet in place, but only if the washer was grounded, whethered or knotted, then sanded into the fuselage.

That way we may stay connected confidently with gusto and grace, bouncing my tricks off and receiving treasures that we never knew we needed.

Liberal mediums are not what you are looking for when conserving the simple idea of control.

Waiting, fore-longing the lauch pad of the spaced-out potato-launcher. It takes nothing but a spray of wd-40, some duct-tape, an Idaho spud, an old-school ignition with flint, and NOW we’ve got a tube that goes off like a roman candle.


What goes up must find its center of gravity before it comes down on the good soil.

Now we know what a happens when you repurpose an old weapon and turn it into a rustic heirloom.

No damage, just a minor bruise, and a lot of scraps and shreds coming down on earth.

They will not be spoiled, and I bet you an ear of GMO corn that it cannot be considered a trade secret.

As such, those rhizominous growths shall not fear the shade, nor the other nights which serenade their gardeners.