(signal bearings)

“Another fault line, another division

another island, another peak

another valley, another sea

another structure, another piece

another finder, another loser

another space, another time

this street, that road

this country, that lead

this one, that second

this clock, that watch

Which way? So what?

Can it kick this, throw that?

Whose Game? Why play?

No shame, sporting the goods

Owning the bad, teaching the ugly how to be better than the good.

Right from wrong, left from stage fright,

skiers right, downhill trot, switchback catch

uphill skipper, topography is a better way to map out a cartographical error.

Sailors shipwrecked, Pirate stations suffice, just long enough to get us home.

Some feel left out, and I understand that as well. Not all distortions are all vibrating at the same frequency.

Not all disruptions are all that negative. Not all destructuons are meant to make space.

Not all that is lost matters at all.

All is lost to me.

Everything makes up for itself on the spot. Slots shot themselves up with nickels and dimes so as to play the game of wasting time for the hell out of it.

Heaven help us we’ve lost our coordinates on the fanfare; cut to the chase scene.

Ending the cat-shit show off line-up; So we may not lose our way back down to earth. Pull up and look down its like looking up to your mentors when you’re falling from the sky. “
-Patrick Michael