Poetic Excuses? Reasons.

Used up methods, strange concepts,
those that consider time as going nowhere are prepared for the truth,
once I found my tools for creating art,
I was abused by the refusal of accepting any answers.
The day I went so far to get on to my personal space,
I realized the only motivation I had to get there was his subtle embrace.
My savior, my saint, the man without a name,
was finding me adoring his influential style, so he gave me a coin.
In part, a representation that I could be trusted with treasure, but also to tell the fortunes to people for their time.
I stopped accepting money when I realized it was all a sham, but the lesson I learned stood the test for good.
Those who get to know me, know how hard I tried to get by without accepting anything in return.
My medicinal words were once like venom, but this here is a perfectly good serum.
Call it snake oil if you wish, but I have collected letters from all over the world.
The symbols of the moment when presentations were overheard out of context but still seemed relevant,
cause they were channeled from my future where I tell myself to wait,
just grow up and they understand that they were wrong to waste their time.
Ask why the end never came a second before midnight,
and I think the answer is that freedom of choice came about,
and my faith in humanity was restored when the decisions of all of our individual thoughts decided there was no time on the clock.
I am considering learning a new process and tending new mysteries,
as I have found the consequence of defining my abundant spirit,
repairing the fractures and conserving the minds of the real heroes.
I’m sure it has been done before,
but I won’t back off,
when I read my poetry,
just assume you’ve been in the right place,
and I think you’ll see why.
I may not be very smart, but man I sure can write.