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Time and Place

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Time to write about what happened when I told the wrong story
at the right time. The story was so relevant to both subjects
that it broke the internet and made us realize we were running
on something else. Our generation was part of the revolution that
they tried to repress, it went on for so long, that past
presidents became depressed. They always make it political so I
play along and make them realize this is human, not just presenting
the cause. I'm missing the point, and that is what I do, you're
aiming for the eye that was revealing your deal. The idea that you
lost your mind when I suggested a lie, but it was so weird cause
the lie was the truth. The only way to say what couldn't be true
is to agree with the story, to see what was looking into you.
Where did it go, not many people know, but my anxiety is gone
with the fear of that broken record, that cycle of abuse,
I've learned how to love and live on for the rest.
Writing is strange cause it’s already there and you reveal the paper,
and the page is appealed, the message is found to be a lesson for
those that are still learning how to get out of their hole.
The bunker is safe for some that need a break but you can't lock us
in there, that would drive the world crazier than thou.
Now don’t get power hungry, cause my words are not based there,
my composition is made up on the spot, you'll go broke if you spend
time to figure it out.
I'm just creative as hell and I mean that for real, don't call me
a demon unless you realize there is an alpha letter in that word,
daemon, the delivery man with hooves and horns and wings of a bat
or Hermes and his redwing shoes, I came here to say there is
nothing about writing that is evil you see,
and dark forces can be found in the place where we are not,
I don't know where that is so guess they're lost to the
folly of man. I'm not afraid of much, except losing the love of
living a life that is supported by my friends.
There is something magical about the way we get high,
they throw rocks to stone us and we crush them for mortar,
then we build up our resources and convince ourselves we are not
insane, don't pick at my scabs and I'll stop worrying about the
rest, I think we can heal from here and that is how I know we are

A Communications Engine for the Spirit.

 Patrick Michael