Busting Pages

They were watching me so closely, that I saw my reflection in their eyes.
I was noticing this so often, that I watched myself see through their disguise,
The perception became comedic at some point,
and that’s when I saw the mirror,
convex lense in my fortified space conserved myself within its reflection. I was finding out the reason why some assumed I had gone insane, and it was partially because of a projection of mine, I was calling out myself in their personality and it was concerning at first and now I see why. My illusion of separation was confusing to the eyes that looked at me with such unmerciful despise.
They were getting so mad at me for observing so carefully,

That I had to learn how to not bust the frame of the mirror itself
I was unintentionally a potent frame buster,
and I know the reason why,
the convex mirror that changed my view needed to be converse and so the concave could interpret the standard centralized focal point of every bodies little white lies.

And then I thought they were going to cover me up with a flame-retardant blanket,
as my words were igniting the framework of the universal relationship between concepts and partitions,
The arcane fire of my spiritual guide was not secured in the correct place or time, and I blame myself for not considering the blessings of the old-thymes, and the integrations of the potential future and the present at hand.
Not long after, I could only see the world as a performance of art.
And I found that the frame that most artists use is what
the foundation of any computer program has for its platform.

So when my mind interprets this idea in real-time,
the life of a poet seems so much more interesting
because the feedback that I am channeling is from
right in front of me, and since the frame is so close,
I can see what the future beholds,
the best part of that is there are so many possibilities,
and none of them are negative in my eyes,
cause the one I choose will bring the manifest of the plane up front,
and we can see how we never lost any passengers at all,
though this flight may have caused some of
seats in coach to make room for the people that missed the boat,

and at that moment we realize that we didn’t spend our time unwisely
and the cost of deciphering code was only significant to those who paid first class for the same destination.

While I wish to confront what made me think I
was qualified to configure something so vast,
I would first like to take YOU back to the past.

I’ll see what I can do about relieving your duty,
as I don’t know how to fill those shoes cause your
weight is indeed really heavy,
but I am definitely aware of the ability to share,
some peace and love,
only to figure out that I am hopelessly searching for something
special to be simply less complicated.