Black And Red

I was once diving up into the deepest lake one had ever laid eyes on.
When I reached the surface,
I saw the atmosphere matched my own necessities for vitality and freedom to walk about.
When all signs were good,
all systems online,
I got the green light to take off my mask and took off my suit
and set it on the ridge of this cavern, this grotto.
I pull up using my upper body,
lift my legs one knee at a time,
and for the first time my toes touch real soil.
It is a mix of crushed granite,
ground crustaceans,
and bits of limestone.
When I look closer I see the sparkling of goldfish scales,
rainbow trout,
and other precious medals.
This is where the finest creatures on earth rest their boggled minds,
soothe their trouble souls,
and reconnect with some of the eldest spirits,
all of which still inhabit a deep rooted core layer of our planet.
If you have made it here by chance,
excuse or accident,
then you must be in the right place at the correct moment.
I spin my body around,
one and a half turns,
sit down on the ledge,
and dip my feet into the pool.
The water is clear, warm, pristine.
I feel the toxicity of my daily chores pulled from the pads and balls of my feet.
Over my left shoulder I feel a hot breathe sweep over my spine sending a touching, familiar feeling all over my skin in the form of goosebumps.
I feel a rush of adrenaline,
and many other neurotransmitters restore the balance in my body.

The dragon bends my ear, whispering sweet nothings
and I respond with love, respect, and luster.

“why must you visit this place when you know how I feel about
random, chaotic orders?“- Red

“I don’t know, this place makes me feel fuzzy inside when I’m down”-Me
“I understand, you may visit only when this calls your spirit; My only term is this: that you treat us with unconditional love, and we will respond in kind”- Black
“Always my ancient friends, Always”-Me
I put the arch of my left foot on the lip of the crust,
push off gently, and dive head first, back home.