476 for my Time?

The great Deflation, when the bubble of debt is sucked back into the being that decided to pick up an elastic balloon and blow out some steam that actually makes some sense.

I’ve realized that printing money out of thin air is making a dark system of negative space that is felt but doesn’t feel real at all.

The money that we spend used to be rooted in gold, but now…the federal reserve is banking on the idea that humans will never realize their spirit, mind, soul, and body is a representation of our time.

And If we realize that our time is what creates our idea of how old we are, then we should be very rich, and be aware of the idea that our currency is based on how much our body works to bring our spirit and soul back to the body of earth once it is ready to be done working.

I realize that I have been working on a problem for a very very long time, and if I were to disclose the amount of time that was, well…maybe the debt bubble would inflate all the way, and life would be given to the being that realized the self is created by a source of the great unknowable.

Remember, there is much to learn about how reality is moving through us and how we are creating space for things to be, and for our stuff to be where it belongs.

I tend to forget the big idea, and it takes a long time to figure out the problem.

My system has always been there, and when you attempt to destroy it,

therein lies the problem.

I would find a hydro-electric system to be the most useful for a waterfall,

and the way that I have been working has been streaming consciousness from all over the place.

I do not believe,


that everybody runs on water,

some rely on other things,

and I would never wish to degrade or confine anything.