Some Ruler Breaking

Write about it, Own it
New shit that completes my confusion,
and corrects my problems with a bit of restitution.
No more resolutions that don’t get finished,
I’m putting a roof on the top of my mind scape.
Don’t tell me how you know what I’m gonna say,
I can change it up on the assumption if that mistake.
Don’t get it wrong,
I’ll reject your decision to prove me wrong about writing something from the
places that are out of reach to a robotic army of thieves.
No more I say, don’t take me away from the paces I love most you can’t find my inspiration to get yourself off.
Find your own way, and it will make more sense,
individual decision making is the best process.
Call it a hunch if you want.
It’s something that’s traveled across time and space for a decision to find Σ curves
and how they relate to creative juice,
or how my words are found to be less enticing to those that apply my process to a system that doesn’t work.
You’ll get more confused if you think I’m lying,
well we’ll keep trying to prove me wrong and you’ll see why I’m not scared if dying.
My end will come when it is right and I’m ok with that,
but don’t tell me to fear the reaper, cause we’re good friends.
I know how I see reality is not quite normal, but there is something special about denying the contrary.
Tell the story once again from the beginning and you’ll find that I started at
the end and was happy to find out who wrote it.
Nobody knows why a super ego who gets spiritualized, it happens naturally because I’m no prisoner of my devices.
I’ve been seeing how companies try to take over your life by putting a price on the things in your mind, disregard that notion and take care of your craft,
you know why they get you for creating a new path.
They think you’ll end up in the places that were dangerous, but I took that path with
bravery and found it was always just nature.
Mother earth has so much to give and so I planned on giving my life back to her at the end, but what’s funny is that I found that I was concerned about the worthlessness of carbon, and how she doesn’t need any more so I may consider something else.
I found that there is a way to forget about death, and that’s when I started living
Returned to my space that is blank as the page that I started writing upon before I knew
how to read.
I never read anybody’s mind.
I was reading myself from the future when I grew up.
I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to figure out my source, but I never questioned that crash course cause I knew it was myself.
They read my words and  thought it was weird how a timepiece was relevant to everything.
Then I explained that I write for no reason, and that was puzzling to the creatures that were lost in confusion.
I’ll end it right there for now but keep in mind,
I have all the features of the greatest story ever told.

Copyright © 2018
Patrick Kohlwey

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Pre-cognitive Motionless Feelings(edited for the strikeout)