Hearty helping

Getting on with the way things are done. Showing off and deciding what prose needs to be stacked by generalizing so I don’t burn any bridges, being offensive so there is a front line of defending my self.

No, that don’t
make sense, build with me, and don’t forget about the ways we progress….

The fathers of the
constitution were probably laughing all the way through writing in their hemp, their manner of using
medicinal paper for inscribing their magic spells upon something they knew corporate entities would try
to destroy, freedom.

Fuck this martial law state of fear, we’re done with it, take us back to the farm,
take us back to the valley and show me how the simple life works.

Show me how my words are
meaningless if they don’t move, if they don’t create work, if they don’t use inertia to push the
documentation of my world veiw to move mountains when I say that I’ve got motivation to keep on
moving through.

To keep on keeping on, to get going on to the next pane of existential bypasses, to find
that I can get over it, to move on to another thought process of moving on and getting my voice to stop
getting put in the jail of mindsweepers and forbidding the truth to be made a sham just cause it was too
close to destroying the blockages of barriers and pay walls and intellectual property that is real estate
for the bounty hunters, the ones that seek out bench warrants that were paid off already. And the
situations that were misled and how my debt was bought by a company that just didn’t understand how
I was able to get through to the government when I asked for help on why my authoritative diction was
misinterpreted as a total waste. I’m just explaining every side of the argument so you can see me clearly.