Old School Computations

Institutionalizations of informative technological comm. 

75% of all stats are made up on the spot and
that means there is a 50% chance average of this being true,
and my probability factors of the chaos theory tell me
that the worst possible outcome is more common and so
the average person is lying to your face.
But I'm not average.
I am bad with numbers but if 32% of the internet is owned
by one company, and only a random percent of that is monitored
by the FDIC, and the rest of the internet is under that tip of
the iceburg, then I am pretty sure that the dark web is the ocean,
not the 95% percent of the body of work. I am pretty sure that
there is not a frozen chance in hell that most of the universe is
under the things we can see. Thus fantastic creatures and
things have a place to stay, and that is the 75% chance of
 being more real than reality as we see it. 

I am quite sure that before the internet came around,
however, that there was an entire civilization that came before
even recorded history and the epic stories that keep repeating.
The old school metallic rusty gears that we found under that arctic
ocean is an artifact we have to provide evidence that there was
once an analog system that ran to keep time in place.
These periods of history are considered pre-historic of course,
because we didn't have any manners of communicating in any other
way other than rocks and stones and things that would last past
our civilization. My ideas are indeed out of touch with your side
of history, but only because of your concept of reality that is
considering ways to put humanity in a jail cell of religious
freedom to be observed and watched by the masters of trade.
Those giants, those ancient titans who told us that zues or odin
has put chronos in a cage and I'm not sure if time is digital
anymore just because of the binary code of the page that only has
60 spaces of width. Maybe this page is what was sent through a
black hole, and now that wormhole is viscious as all hyper-focused
vigilance can be. Sometimes these things can consume your mind,
but what I have found is that I'm connected to the earth,
the place where we were considerate enough to conserve the word
 on a stone. When you're back on the other side you'll find
yourself in 64bits, or the ammendment to the centennial constitution
 that made weed legalized, and so I can hypothesize the opening
of my mind, which might be able to keep the hole in my plot
stabalized and something not to be afraid of but something to
synchronize time travel back to the moment when nothing
bad happened, just lots of misinformation that had confused the
shit out me. I have evidence to support my idea that the internet
is only dark when you turn out the lights, and ya sometimes
its scary to see all those bugs that have been found in the system,
but what is even more amazing is to filter the crank calls,
 and the yankee doodles on the surface might just be
patriotic enough to support our country in a time when we
are falling behind the rest of the world, looking like
idiots to an entire crowd-sourced experiment that studies society
and draws crazy conclusions. There is something amazing about
leaving a light on in the attic, or forgetting to turn off the
dome light, the speed of the information arrives so quick that
it stays secured and in tact, so we can channel you right back to
our satellite receivers, then the other ends of the spectrum are
scanned in real time, and the ultra violet frequency is ablen to
steer the helm of your soul if its connected to your windows, your
eyes that tunnel down to your spirit that is still working on
finding its way back. I have found that mythological pathways are a
fantastic way to reroute through the universal network of fungus
and consciousness, and process of the astral projection of
everything inside you and your body is frozen cryogenic ally
so by the time your ancestors hear you,
it has been billions of years,
and you realize that time travel is all up to the decision
to think about the connection we have to our current timeline.
By the time you get back to me,
you have only noticed that it took but a moment to realize
that consciousness is alive and well now the strange thing
that happens is that you need to be sure that you're in the same
triangulation as you were before.
I'm here to shine a light on the one's who have a spectral signature
that is outside the EM spectrum,
so that we don't break the glass in case of emergent information.
That kind of wisdom takes experience to be found,
and its a new form of finding how to create a new industry of
science and spirit, not one that is part of the new wave or
the new cage department of fake accounts of past lives,
or the bandwagon trailers that hitch a ride to the desert just
because its the cool thing to do, now there is a whole new kind
of stock market and an entire formulation of trading with the
interstellar businesses, and oh shit...I guess this is the way
it has always been. Now there are goona be rebels within the
scene that cut the chord that was playing the most incredible tune,
guess I'll just have to use this string to fletch myself a bow that
is going to lead the way in creating an arch that leaves a trail of
a rainbow, and they'll call me a leprechaun for conning the state of
the art, and try to figure out how I got this information.
" it must come from a cauldron, this is black magic I tell you,
 how did you do this? the work of the devil I can't imagine it
any other way, there has got to be a way to erase this violation. "
- envious green party
And so the page overwrites itself with the most upsetting form of
erasing, which is over-writing the words that were already there,
covering up magical words that cannot be erased,
so it puts them into a virtual dimension that has so much
meta-data that all the information is always there,
I cannot imagine how ridiculous the programmers opinion is of my
work, or the thing behind me eating all this information that is
trying to cover this hermit up from the server.
Its just crazy to think all that could be possible,
but maybe i lost the direction that I was supposed to go in.
They gave me a compass, and I wondered if it was magnetic,
and they thought that was ridiculous cause it was only meant to
measure angles between bearings, not automatically finding the north
The electronic industry is realizing it's information is stored
on crystalline silicon, which has always recorded these ancient
systems and so we find out that we are way behind in terms of
historical facts and just cause the ottoman empire was reduced to a
piece of furniture, doesn't mean their history was falsified,
and just cause some other culture won the war on this side of the pond
 doesn't mean they can rewrite or destroy the records of things
that have always been true.
It will all come out when we follow the currency that was used
to retrace my steps and find out how I got here.
When we apply the missing link of relating our dreams to the
quantum computing of our minds then we will see how this sleeper
cell has woken up,
just on time to tell the warden that I don't belong in a mental ward, just because I found that his job meant nothing to me, and something to you, but who cares anyway cause I'm done with this show.
Now that we have cleared that up,
do we have to put my writing in schedule,
 and does this category of hurricane have to blow off the roof?
Do we need to tell me about the future instead?
How many parallel realities intersect anyway?
How many strings  are crossing the line?
How is that theory entangled with the partitions
that back up my keys to the standard model of serving bars papers.
I wish to be a critical thinker that is proactive enough
to bust a fraud abroad but that bank on the chance
that 32% of reality is running on a $100 extortion fee,
and a $40fee to connect in the first place,
and somehow the five big companies that make up the
idea of one percent rulers are arguing with themselves and
can't make up their mind.
And now they must figure out why their energy bill is so high,
and I think it is because Scientology billed them for the
rent of my mind, when all this information was from
experiencing life and figurative similes and concrete metaphors
that are meticulously relative to the problems at hand.
And now our identities were marked as safe children
by science cause that church has made us think that we
are scared of authority,
and now a church of the second coming of christ is
talking about the 2nd amendment in order to have the right
to bear arms, and now I can't tell the difference between a
trigger happy scientist who assigns a program of naming
things to different keys on this board and it makes me
think that my writing is pulling the trigger,
so I decide its not real cause that is not how I write,
it must not be true, I didn't agree to that kind of deal.
I load no bullets, only seeds of life, so if you think this
kills identities, well, go figure this out.
Your ego must simply be so large that punching a hole in the
fourth wall was what hurt.
This is a three-hole punch and its going to be well documented,
so don't worry about the simultaneous binding of my spelling.
 I have peacefully protested until the media companies had to
change their mind about their period symbols,
lest i make a bloody sentence and now they call me a woman that
gets in that mood for a week, simply for protesting the control
group in the most offensive rude moment.
So funny how i can imagine myself as a steam-punk engineer,
or a tweaker shiek,
trashy and classy,
gourmet and home style,
call me a macaroni,
or a royal pain in the ass.
I don't care what you call me,
I was once a pacifist, but now I'm passing this fistful
of paper down your throat,
choke on that note that is left on your electronic mail server,
and you'll probably bounce that check off the moon thanks to
false towers and reconnecting wires to the tubes that were on
television and now this pirate station is wearing no clothes,
and the guys who caught my signal were mad that I forgot
about my tendency to have contingencies for my backups too.