controller copy

“Oh the critique of the wanderer, the pull off my spirit to be in places where one makes the decision to live or die.

I’m the bouncer for this club, peacock feather and all, for this group of superficial, unofficial, corrective lenses of altitude

Now you’re high… what can we do to ensure the safety of all things nearby?

Well first of all
identify the people places and things around yourself, and chill out for a moment, find an intersection to
standby and watch traffic and just observe. don’t think about this or that, don’t consider anything other
than your place in this earth, stay out of dangerous places and you just might make it.

Now that we have that figured out, do we have any trashes to put in the talk of this side street walkway?

Or do you just want to add something to the discussion that is worth talking about?

Well we can consider that possibility.

One of these days.

But for now, we’re up here on this surface that has the
platform of complex telemetry, and there is three way traffic, a subway, train tracks, a dock, and a runway.
Air traffic, lemme handoff the controller so y’all can get a better view.”-

p.m. Kohlwey