ages of informative righteousness, degrading my slopestyle approach to the curvature of my lens find my cross talk to be out of order.

Hey can I get something more than recognition or honor for figuring out a new way to write about this. calling out the definitions as something else that I’m used to, something that I take great caution with. generate energy out of nothing but a frozen moment in time, if it is not stabilized,

then this dark horse runs out into the open field.

why is that so hard to understand,

that keeping this stud in the stable allows us to be in control.

certain manners of respecting the sheep has showed us how to just go with the collies queue to move into the next tier.

no not suggesting principals that lead meerkats to dive into the abyss, we will not find an old story like this to dismiss.

science fiction appears to have been non-fiction all along and this is disturbing to others, but relieving to everybody else.

now I’ve got the right combination of compadres that got my back and now our enlightened group of mindset can play the part of the role that they wish.

so much for the director rolling the camera over again, let’s play the tape from beginning to the end.

Bit make sure it’s not the webcam looking at the black mirror, in which case flip it I’ll watch over all sides of the panel, and if I’m not watching the correct side of the display, I’ll find away to get what I need.

I’m kind of alright with being the scapegoat I guess, since writing in the moment mashed up my mind, perceptions and passed tests.

ok maybe I don’t get it, and maybe I’m pissed off cause I know the value of my life, my work, and my network,

and how the gross incoming information is generating no substantial monetary deposition for me to live off of. just get me out of the basement,

and lift me up off my feet,

I’m down and out,

but not for the count,

nah I can keep getting on this interface and secure my dandy.